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New League member handicaps will be formed after the first three rounds. Highest score out of three will be tossed and the remaining two scores averaged at ninety precent. This initial handicap will be used to score the first three rounds. Handicaps will then be adjusted weekly.


Returning league members first three rounds will be scored using there final handicap from last year. Week four handicaps will re-adjust using this year's rounds only.

Max Handicaps will be 40 for men & 45 for women

Median Handicap Formula

Below is a Example of how we Handicap our League.

Highest and Lowest rounds will be thrown out as the season progresses. 



3 Points a Hole

A-Player vs. A-Player = 1 Point

B-Player vs. B-Player = 1 Point

Team Total vs. Team Total = 1 Point (Ties will split the Point)

Example Below:

Handicaps come into play on all three available points each hole. the difference in handicaps are spread out through the hardest handicap holes.  Team #1's A-Player has a handicap of 4, Team #2's A-Player has a handicap of 6 the difference being 2 is reflected on the score card  on holes with handicap 1 and 2. Both B players have a handicap of 6 so no strokes for the "B" player match. Lastly team # 1 has a combined team handicap of 11 and team #2 has combined 13 again the difference is 2, again on handicap holes 1 and 2 (holes4&15) team #2 gets a stroke off for team score match.

Hole #1 scores as follows.

A-Player match: team #2's 4 beats #1's 5 = 1 point for team #2

B-Player match: both players 6 tie = .5 for each team 

Team total match:#2's 10 beats #1's 11 = 1 point for team: #2

hole 1 team #2= 2.5 points team # 1= .5 point

Hole #4 scores as follows (strokes are given to team #2)

A-Player match: team #2's gets a stroke so 5 is a 4 which beats team # 1's 6 = 1 point for team #2

B-Player match; team # 1's 4 beats team # 2's 5 = 1 point for team #1

Team total match: team #2 gets a stroke so 10 is a 9 which beats team #1's 10=1 point for team#2

hole 4 team #2 = 2 points team # 1 point


Each match 54 points are distributed. Points accumulate every week and teams are ranked within division by total points.

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