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Don't Cheat

No Mulligans are allowed. We can go back in after a round to check for them.

If we see mulligans we will add penalty strokes as we see fit. If it happens more then once your team will be disqualified.

Play Rounds On Time

In order to keep standings up to date rounds will have to be played on time. If you can't make a week, play earlier. You can play as far ahead as you want, but cannot fall behind.


Practice rounds are allowed, but must be declared as a practice round before starting. 


Senior-Tee Selection

League members 65-or-older have the option of playing from Senior tees. If you choose Senior tees, it's for the entire year. 

Senior tee distance will be selected by us for each course. On some courses Senior tees will be the same as the regular tees.


All shots must be played from the correct surface. All Putts must start from Fairway mat. no relief for a putt that bounces. we realize that every once in a while a putt will bounce, but we recommend practice putting a few before your round to find a line that will not bounce. 

Print Score Cards

Players are responsible to print score cards. Rounds not printed must be replayed. We recommend  taking a picture to have as backup.

Booth Time

 Weekly league fees cover one hour per person. Please book extra time if needed.

Missing Rounds

 In order to keep standings up to date, all rounds are expected to be played by their due date. You can play ahead as far as needed if you know you can’t make a week.

If You end up missing a round a holding score will be entered in order to keep standings up to date. All make up rounds must be played by the following Sunday, or a generated loosing score will be entered for the week and the round will still have to be paid for. Make up rounds are for emergencies. We will not tolerate repetitive late rounds from players.

Hitting Surfaces Are As Stated

Fairway = Fairway

Rough = Rough

Sand = Sand

Deep Grass = Rough

Desert = Fairway

Dry Grass = Rough

Lava = Fairway 

Pavement = Fairway

Dirt = Fairway

Tall Grass = Rough

Undergrowth = Rough

Earth = Fairway

Sand Dunes = Rough

Second Cut = Fairway

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