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Weekly Prizes

Low-Team Net

Each week will pay out $2,000. The team with the lowest team net score in each division will win $200. Ties will be decided by a score card playoff. Score card playoff will start on the hardest handicap hole. 

Closest to the Pin

Each Par 3 on the course of the week will be a C.T.P. contest. Each week is optional to get in. $10 gets you in on all the Par 3s of the week. Contest will go all week having one winner for each hole. Total money in prizes will be split between all the Par 3's of the week.

Hole in one pays $1,000 bonus! 

We will not ask people to get into Par 3 contest, it is up to each player to pay into the contest at the front desk before starting your league round. 

Late rounds will not be considered for weekly prizes.


At the end of the regular season the top half of teams in each division will advance to playoffs. The first place teams in each division will get a bye into the championship.  The playoff round will be team net score format. All teams will play at 80% of their regular season handicaps. 

At this point there are no divisions, and teams are ranked by their total team net score. The top half of scores in this round will advance to the championship. 

The championship will be the same format, but will be two rounds combined total team net score.

The top 20 teams in the championship will be awarded grand prizes. 

Championship Rounds stats must be submitted.

Grand Prizes TBD after final number of players in the league are finalized.

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